Kenya Gallery

Teresa Harris

Teresa Harris is a Canadian artist living in Barrie Ontario. Her depictions of life in rural Kenya describe the beauty and pathos of those who face daily struggles to survive. Teresa Harris uses pastel as her media expression. Teresa is the Artist in Residence for CES Canada. Her artistry and extraordinary skills complement her love for Africa and its people.

Animal Life

Kenya's wildlife can be seen throughout the natural environment and safari game parks. The so called Big 5 Lion, Elephant, Black Rhinoceros, Cape Buffalo, and Leopard are among thousands of animal species that thrive in the forests, savannahs and open spaces of the upper grasslands of Kenya.

[img src=]450Cape Buffalo - Lake Naivasha
[img src=]210White Rhinoceros - Nakuru
[img src=]140Flamiongo in Flight - Lake Bagoria
[img src=]130Cape Buffalo - Lake Naivasha
[img src=]100Giraffe - Garissa NEP
[img src=]90Camel - Rais, North East Province
[img src=]60Milking a Camel - Garissa, NEP
[img src=]70A Face Only a Mother Could Love
[img src=]70Zebra Herd under the cool of trees surrounding Lake Naivasha
[img src=]70African Crowned Eagle - Sweetwater Reserve
[img src=]70African Crowned Eagle - Nanyuki
[img src=]60Bongo - Mt Kenya Concervancy
[img src=]60This beautiful bongo is so close because it has no fear of people. There are no predators at its home here at Mt Kenya Safari Club and Conservancy.
[img src=]50The Mt Kenya Conservation Authority finds and cares for injured or abandoned animals such as this young buck.
[img src=]40The near extinct bongo is making a comeback due to conservancy areas like Mt Kenya Conservation Authority.
[img src=]40The Maribou Stork, scavenger of Africa
[img src=]20Gazelles can reach speeds of 80km in three seconds
[img src=]50Young female spring bucks are wary of people and are extremely nervous
[img src=]50Always on the move, a male gazelle keeps a close eye for potential danger. Photo taken at Sweetwater near Nanyuki.
[img src=]50A magnificent herd of gazelles with surrounding mountain range leading to Mt Kenya
[img src=]20One antelope keeps watch while others graze. Photo at Naivasha Conservation Park near Nakuru.
[img src=]20Seldom seen is a giraffe at rest with legs folded. Location is in a desert region south east of Garissa North East Province.
[img src=]30Together for safety - always one on the lookout Photo by John Guthrie
[img src=]40Maribou Stork settles in for the night on acacia tree
[img src=]20Standing only 90 cm in height, these tiny Kenyan deer are the smallest of their species worldwide
[img src=]30On a mission, this female lion keeps a watch out over the grasslands
[img src=]20A powerful peck from this ostrich beak can break a bone of any mammal
[img src=]30Market for these beautiful horns and soft skin make the Spring Buck an endangered species
[img src=]30Seldom seen outside bush covering, this female Spring Buck will soon opt for cover.
[img src=]30The majestic elephant emerges from the forest
[img src=]20Zebras graze on the move, usually in a family group of up to a dozen


The beauty of Kenya is seen in the variety of landscapes that cover the half million sq km of land. From the dry river beds of the North East Province to the Rainforest of Kakamega to the open spaces of the Massai Mara, Kenyan topography and geography contains some of the most interesting scenes on planet earth.

[img src=]200Livestock near Meru, Kenya
[img src=]60Rural Road near Nanyuki, Kenya
[img src=]60Flying over the Aberdare Hills
[img src=]60Ghitumu SS, Kenya with surrounding agricultural land rich in minerals.
[img src=]40Shamba near Ghitura, Aberdare Hills
[img src=]30Roadblock near Garissa NEP, Kenya
[img src=]20The Aberdaire foothills provide farmland for coffee production and other vegetable crops.
[img src=]30Magnificent aerial view of the Aberdaire shambas and farmlands
[img src=]30Acacia Tree at dawn in Maasa Mara
[img src=]20Acacia Tree at dawn in Maasa Mara
[img src=]10A cluster of Acacia trees are close to the Naivasha Conservation area.
[img src=]10This cluster of Acacia tress were photographed on the Nakuru Hwy B1 east of Kericho near Molo Kenya.
[img src=]10Lake Bagoria Hotsprings - Water spout at boiling temperature are a vestige of previous volcanic activity.
[img src=]10The incredible expanse of the Rift Valley is seen at Lake Naivasha
[img src=]10Farm located across the valley south of the Eshitari SS
[img src=]10A young boy stands at the edge of his family's shamba looking towards Eshitari SS.
[img src=]10Small forest groups and trees are seen in the lower elevations of Mt Kenya at 6000 ft above sea level
[img src=]10Ancient tree estimated at 500 years of age located in the desert region of NEP outside Garissa Kenya
[img src=]10Massai Mara Riverbed - Woman draws water and prepares for a 2-3 km walk with 60 lbs of water filled with microbicides that will cause sickness and disease to the person drinking this water.
[img src=]10Dirt road to Kakamega Forest northeast of Kakamega
[img src=]10A typical farm on the roadway between Kisumu and Kakamega
[img src=]10Rural Road north of Kakamega is typically red because of the iron ore in the soil.
[img src=]10North of Thika towards the foothills of the Aberdaires lie farmland and fields of Pineapple
[img src=]10Cattle graze at the edge of Lake Bagoria. Flamingo flocks are often seen in this area because of the nutrition and minerals in the water.
[img src=]10Lake Naivasha is located near Nakuru Town and is home to many animals and birds, particularly flamingos.
[img src=]10Cactus like plant has antidote for green mamba snake bites
[img src=]20Northwest of Kakamega a man rides his bicycle to town near Eshitari SS
[img src=]20Mango trees are rich in nutrients and are a source of food for the people of Garissa, NEP Kenya. The Tana River provides irrigation and water for this agricultural project begun by Canadian Baptist Ministries.
[img src=]20Mara River flows to Lake Victoria. This photo was taken in Malava District on the way to Mumias. The sugar cane factory is seen in the distance.
[img src=]20Fortified boma is home for nomadic masai people and their animals
[img src=]10Farm at Maasa Mara
[img src=]10Meru countryside looking east towards Nanyuki is located on the leeward side of Mt Kenya
[img src=]10In the spring millions of flamingos flock to Lake Naivasha. In the winter they migrate to Tanzania.
[img src=]10The white rhino is an endangered species. Here in the Lake Naivasha nature reserve it is protected from human predators.
[img src=]10Nyeri Town aerial view north of Thika on way to foothills of Mt Kenya
[img src=]10The Rift Valley stretches 150 km between west and east. Dirt roads lead from a prosperous farm to Narok some 30 km to the north
[img src=]10The beauty and magnificent depth and breadth of the Rift Valley is a stunning example of ancient geological forces in Africa.
[img src=]10Rural Road north of Kakamega is typically red because of the iron ore in the soil.
[img src=]10Shamba near Lutaso, Lurambi District Western Province
[img src=]10Dark shadow of the maribu stork silhouetted against a setting sun in North East Province.
[img src=]10Tea farms stretch for miles over numerous hills around the Moi Conservation Forest area on the way from Nakuru to Kericho.
[img src=]10Rolling hills and temperate climates produce good soil for crops on this terraced landscape near Kakamega, Western Province KENYA
[img src=]10Women walk many miles to find the precious firewood need to cook food for their family. This photo is from the Eshitari area north and west of Kakamega.
[img src=]10Lake Naivasha conservation area is home to thousands of zebras and other animals and birds.
[img src=]20Rift Valley West of Nairobi. Farmland in the Rift Valley are rich in minerals. The valley itself is 120 km across and some 4000 km in length.
[img src=]10The open sky with its elements of tiny dust particles in the dry dessert air makes for a spectacular Garissa sunset.


Kakamega is the 10th largest town or city in Kenya with a population of nearly 80,000 people. It is the capital of the area formerly known as Western Province. It is a centre for economic development largely built on sugar cane production. Kakamega is home to Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, ACCES (African Canadian Continuing Education Society) and CES Canada.

[img src=]500Informal Education Classroom - Orphaned Students
[img src=]230Community Health Care Worker and Students
[img src=]190Primary School Students with Marie McKay (ACCES)
[img src=]150Lining Up for Vitamin Supplements and Health Check
[img src=]120Bicycles are a very common way of transporting goods to market
[img src=]120Kakamega has thousands of flowering plants, among them the stunning Bird of Paradise
[img src=]110Bus with passengers leaving Kakamega for Kitale KENYA
[img src=]110The morning glory is a stunning example of the flowers seen in the Kakamega Forest
[img src=]110Kenyan child in rural area not attending school because chores come first and there are likely no funds available to pay for a school uniform
[img src=]110Girl on her way to school. Many children do not own a pair of shoes.
[img src=]100Cows grazing at the side of the road leading to CES Kenya Headquarters in Kakamega
[img src=]100Waiting until full of passengers these matatus seat up to 15 passengers. This is a major means of transport for people.
[img src=]100Often seen on Sundays near their church encouraging people to attend morning worship
[img src=]110The only rainforest in Kenya is in Kakamega
[img src=]90The hills surrounding Kakamega are beautiful at morning light
[img src=]80A large outlet for food and other goods
[img src=]80Kakamega Town Hall, the seat of local municipal government
[img src=]100Wide streets with boulevards where motor vehicles travel on the left
[img src=]110Shikoti School for Girls is a CES Canada sponsored school. Here the girls from St Mary Goretti are on a designated field trip.
[img src=]100Public Transport - Boda bodas ready to collect passengers
[img src=]90Kakamega Kiosks - Small units of commerce, each bearing their own unique trademark dot the highway landscape
[img src=]100Medical Assessment Clinic - The Voluntary Counselling and Testing sites are health units designed to test people for HIV/Aids
[img src=]90Kakamega Church - Most Kenyans have a strong faith and there are many denominational and independent churches in Kakamega and the surrounding area. Assemblies of God are associated with the Pentecostal Church.
[img src=]90Kakamega Market - The Kakamega market operates daily and is a busy centre for commerce and a wonderful area to browse and catch up with friends
[img src=]80Boda bodas are the most popular means of transport. One simply gets on and balances carefully on the fancy seat cushion on back of the bicycle.
[img src=]80Kakamega Town - The landscape to the south west shows new housing in the rolling hills of Kakamega
[img src=]80Kakamega Forest is the only rainforest in Kenya
[img src=]60A gate and colourful messages explain the activities beyond the walls of this school near Kakamega
[img src=]90Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) - The MMUST Library is among the newest high tech libraries in Kenya
[img src=]140CES Kenya Chair Ben Udoto and Director Michael Frederiksen at the MMUST official opening plaque dedicated July 4, 2008 by Mwai Kibaki, President of Kenya
[img src=]110The student gathering place at MMUST is a key centre for 5,000 students
[img src=]80The Nakumatt Mall (2010) has a large food store as well as restaurants and other retail outlets. It is located 400 metres from the CES Kenya Headquarters on Kofinco Road, Kakamega
[img src=]90Typical of new food outlets in Kenya, the Nakumatt offers varieties of food as well as household goods and hardware supplies
[img src=]90Rondo Retreat - A Christian sanctuary for nature lovers in the Kakamega Forest
[img src=]80Peaceful surroundings and marvellous birdwatching in the Kakamega Forest
[img src=]70Small business operations abound on the side of Kakamega's roadways
[img src=]60CES Kenya headquarters are in Kakamega at the Sheywe Conference Centre's Tsimba House II
[img src=]90The Weeping Stone is a tourist attraction where water is observed running down the front face of the huge boulder located south of Kakamega Town.

Mt. Kenya

Mt Kenya or Kirinyaga is located on the equator near Meru and Nanyuki. It is Africa's second highest mountain at just over 18,000 ft above sea level. It's peak contains a dormant volcanic crater. Mt Kenya is the source of the Tana River that runs to the Indian Ocean. The glacier on the north side of Mt Kenya is gradually disappearing due to climate change.

[img src=]190Mt Kenya is an extinct volcano that in the upper elevations has a number of crystal clear lakes created from the upper glacier
[img src=]100Sunset over Mt Kenya
[img src=]90The Peaks of Mt Kenya
[img src=]80First Light over Mt Kenya
[img src=]100Mt Kenya from a Distance
[img src=]80Near the Summit
[img src=]80First Light over Mt Kenya
[img src=]70The Peaks of Mt Kenya
[img src=]60Kirinyaga, the Holy Mountain of God - Mt Kenya is regarded as a holy mountain. Ancient beliefs regard Kirinyaga as the Creator of the world.
[img src=]50Volcanic Cone Mt Kenya
[img src=]50Glacier at Mt Kenya
[img src=]50Ancient Volcanic Activity forms Mt Kenya
[img src=]50Light in the early morning around 6am creates a magic moment
[img src=]60A magical moment just at dawn is a sign of a beautiful day to come
[img src=]60Hues of gold and purple through a slight mist create a feeling of hope for the new day

CES in Kenya Gallery

CES Students

The key focus of CES Canada's mission to Kenya is to provide access to education for youth orphaned by HIV Aids. During 2005-12 nearly 850 students have received scholarships to attend secondary school.

[img src=]9620Lucy Imbiakha, Samitsi SS Graduated 2007
[img src=]8800James Wasiki, Namundera SS Graduated 2007
[img src=]8200Titus Uchoka, Makhukuni SS Graduated 2008
[img src=]7790Benjamin Wafula, Makhukuni SS First CES Canada Graduate- 2006
[img src=]7550Metrine Mayende, St Patrick Bukhakunga SS Graduated 2008
[img src=]7320Beritah Mchenya, Navakholo SS Graduated 2008
[img src=]7250Linety Ongalo, St Caroli Lwanga Lutaso SS Graduated 2008
[img src=]7150Musili Busuku, Samitsi SS Graduated 2008
[img src=]7050Jacklyne Shitindo, St Patrck Bukhakunga SS Graduated 2008
[img src=]6980Eddah Wamalwa, Namirama Girls SS Graduated 2008
[img src=]6940Sisa Abisacky, Sivilie SS Graduated 2008
[img src=]6900Hellen Mwangala, St Caroli Lwanga Lutaso SS Graduated 2008
[img src=]68302010 CES North Schools Conference at Namirama SS
[img src=]68002010 CES South Schools Conference at St Patrick's Ikonyero SS
[img src=]67502008 CES Student Conference at Shieywe Centre
[img src=]6760Samitsi SS students in Library
[img src=]6710Lunch Break at Shieywe Conference Centre - 2010
[img src=]6710Ematiha SS Students with CES President Michael Frederiksen
[img src=]6640Makhukuni SS students (2008) sponsored by CES Canada standing tall at the school gate.
[img src=]6620Eshitari SS students sponsored by CES
[img src=]65702010 Inaugeration of well at Eshitari SS
[img src=]6590Students gather for 2010 Inauguration of well at Eshitari SS
[img src=]6530Students sponsored at Kakamega Muslim SS (2008) meet outside the classroom under the shade of a huge oak tree.
[img src=]6510Fauzia Mwimali, Abdallah Amadala, Salim Suleiman with Principal Daniel Musila and Deputy Principal Edgar Livasia and CES Canada President Michael Frederiksen (2008)
[img src=]6450First Samitsi SS students sponsored by CES (2008)
[img src=]6450Ibinzo SS for Girls Form 2 student
[img src=]6440Doris Miroya, Form 4 Ibinzo SS
[img src=]6420Form 1 student at St Patrick's Ikonyero SS
[img src=]6390Sponsored students from Kakamega Muslim SS meet at St Patrick's Ikonyero SS for a South Region student conference. CES Kenya Patron Malik Khaemba and CES Canada President Michael Frederiksen are in attendance (March 2010).
[img src=]6350Kakamega Muslim SS students sponsored by CES Canada (2011)
[img src=]6370Makhukuni Boys (2011) letting loose after class.
[img src=]6360Metrine Mayende (2008) acting as Teacher Assistant at Bukhakunga SS
[img src=]6330CES spomsored students at Navakholo SS (2008)
[img src=]6320CES Canada sponsored students - Namirama SS with CES Kenya Patron Malik Khaemba (2008)
[img src=]6310CES Canada scholarship students - Namirama SS (2008) Maximona Wakhanu, Eddah Wamalwa, Everlyne Simbauni and Horidah Maungo
[img src=]6310Namirama Girls SS showing art design for environmental Project (2011)
[img src=]6290Namirama SS for Girls with Principal Felistas Barassa
[img src=]6280Namundera SS with their treated anti-malaria mosquito nets (2010)
[img src=]6250Namundera SS teacher Ongacho Edwin Bolovera and students at Shieywe Conference Centre
[img src=]6230Namundera SS students with graduate James Wasike (2008)
[img src=]6210St Patrick's Ikonyero students at Navakholo SS Conferennce (2010)
[img src=]6210Pendo Lugalia (left) of Ikonyero SS and Annelynn Wanda of Shikoti Girls (2010)
[img src=]6190Samitsi SS Boys (2011)
[img src=]6180Shikoti SS for Girls Form 2 Classroom (2011)
[img src=]6170Shikoti SS for Girls - Physical Education Class (2011)
[img src=]6170Sidikho SS Students with CES Kenya Patron Malik Khaemba (2011)
[img src=]6150Sidikho SS - CES sponsored youth (2011)
[img src=]6290James Wasike and Benjamin Wafula (CES Graduates) act as registrars at the 2010 CES Conference at Shieywe Conference Centre
[img src=]6100Sivilie SS Students (2008)
[img src=]6090Students at St Caroli Lwanga Lutaso SS (2010)
[img src=]6290Former student Matrine Mayende who in 2008 returned to mentor and assist other students like CES sponsored Jackline Makokha, Morgan Maloba, Aziza Wafula and Mercline Chengole
[img src=]6250Students at St Patrick's Ikonyero SS receiving anti-malaria mosquito nets
[img src=]6230St Caroli Lwanga Lutaso student (2011)
[img src=]6220Students at St Caroli Lwanga Lutaso SS ham it up after class
[img src=]6210Students at St Caroli Lwanga Lutaso SS (2011)
[img src=]6200CES Canada Volunteer Karen Dahl (Thunder Bay) with girls from different schools preparing for the Canada Day Run in Kakamega.

CES Kenya Schools

In 2012 CES added 8 expansion schools to create a network of 26 secondary schools in Kenya. Moi Girls Nangili (Eldoret), Lions High School (Kisumu), Maryhill Girls HS (Thika), Nkubu HS (Meru), Kadika Girls SS (Suna), Makueni Boys HS (Makueni), St. Mary's Yala SS (Yala) and Ngara Girls HS (Nairobi) are included in this CES school expansion program.

CES Kakamega Schools

CES Canada sponsors students in 18 schools in and around Kakamega, Western Province Kenya. In addition, 8 schools are part of an extended partnership with school communities in other Kenya Constituencies. Photos describe vibrant schools each with their own unique culture, values and mission statement.

[img src=]220Eshitari SS Gate makes a unique statement
[img src=]90Gates at Eshitari SS
[img src=]100Eshitari SS
[img src=]90Eshitari SS Water Project
[img src=]100Bishop Sulumeti SS for Girls
[img src=]60St Patrick's Bukhakunga SS Vision: To Plausify the Implausible
[img src=]60Friends Kumugui SS
[img src=]70Namirama Girls SS
[img src=]60Namirama Girls SS Sports Field with Livestock Grazing
[img src=]50Namirama Girls SS Motto
[img src=]60Namirama Girls HS Admin Block and Staff Room
[img src=]60St Patrick's Bukhakunga SS
[img src=]50Ibinzo SS for Girls - Principal's Office (2008)
[img src=]60Namirama Girls SS
[img src=]30Despite the lack of resources for learning, schools in rural Kenya take pride in the image and face of buildings and school property.
[img src=]30Kenya Schools pride themselves in Gates and Pillars describing a Vision and Mission Statement
[img src=]30Gatekeeper and Community Volunteers at the Gate of Ematiha SS
[img src=]30Principal Felistas Barassa and school bus at Sheweye Conference for CES Students
[img src=]30Khachonge PS - home to nearly 1000 students
[img src=]30Well project through Toronto District School Board, CES Canada and Rotary Club Scarborough
[img src=]40Graphics at the gate of Makhukuni SS like all other schools display a message of a vibrant school program
[img src=]30School uniform bears witness to the school motto - never far from the heart.
[img src=]40Staff Prep Room at Makhukuni SS
[img src=]30Strive to Excel is the motto for Makhukuni SS, an excellent school preparing high achievers.
[img src=]30Musaga SS is being built by CES Thunder Bay Chapter
[img src=]30New water well inaugurated November 8, 2011
[img src=]30Musaga SS is a healthy community of learners that require classrooms and a well. Students meet and learn in the outdoors under the shade of a mango tree.
[img src=]30Namirama SS vision - Quality Education for Self Reliance
[img src=]40Endeavour to Excel - Motto of Namirama SS for Girls
[img src=]30Namundera SS is located some 2 hours drive north of Kakamega
[img src=]20On the school wall for all to see - Strive for Excellence
[img src=]20Geologic and tectonic forces created these large rocks that are a part of the Navakholo SS landscape. Purple flower petals from the jacaranda tree cover the ground below.
[img src=]20Navakholo SS is Society of Friends (Quaker) initiated school. Like most Kenyan schools the motto and vision is plainly visible.
[img src=]20Motto and Vision promote quality education
[img src=]30Navakholo SS is well kept and neatly appointed in all respects. The admin block and teacher's work area is central to the classrooms housing 340 students.
[img src=]20Samitsi SS is a rural school 1 hour north of Kakamega. It is a mixed day school with some students in residence.
[img src=]20Samitsi classrooms require some retrofit and renewal in the area of libray and computer services
[img src=]20The school Gate promotes core values
[img src=]20St Patrick's Ikonyero SS
[img src=]20St Mary Goretti SS for Girls at Shikoti
[img src=]20Shikoti Girls SS Main Gate
[img src=]20Shikoti Girls SS Main Gate
[img src=]30Shikoti Girls SS Principal Sophia Ekeya with Zabde Ezra Ayienga, CES Canada Representative
[img src=]20Sidikho SS classroom wing with footpath to a maize field
[img src=]20Sivilie SS classroom needs retrofit and educational resources
[img src=]20St Patrick's Ikonyero SS - A catholic secondary school, this newest building (2010) is a meeting place and a dining hall for a mixed day school. Two students from Ibinzo SS and Ematiha SS meets as friends at a CES sponsored conference.
[img src=]20Classroom at St Caroli Lwanga Lutaso SS, one of five catholic public schools in the CES Kenya family.
[img src=]20St Caroli Lwanga Lutaso SS is located in the north area of Lurambi District, Kakamega

CES Kenya

Activities and Events organized by CES Kenya volunteers are described in this Gallery. In addition, photos of key individuals on the CES Kenya Board of Directors and others associated with CES are added.

[img src=]100Michael Frederiksen and Malik Khaemba - Consular Secretary of Kenya High Commission to Canada in Ottawa (October 2003)
[img src=]20A visit to an informal school run by Canadian NGO (ACCES) was the catalyst that birthed CES Canada in Kenya
[img src=]40Catherine Gatere (CES Canada) visits Kakamega, CES Kenya Board members Malik Khaemba and Ben Udoto, ACCES Rep Marie McKay (2006)
[img src=]30Marie McKay (ACCES), Malik Khaemba, Ben Udoto, Catherine Gatere, Prof Asemath Sigot (MMUST)
[img src=]20CES Canada First Student Sponsored Group 2005-06
[img src=]20Catherine Gatere (CES Canada) visits CES Kenya Board 2006
[img src=]20CES Kenya Directors (2005-06)
[img src=]20CES Kenya Board 2010 (left to right): Captain Livingstone Nyanje, Patron Malik Khaemba, Chairman Ben Udoto, Michael Frederiksen (CES Canada), Vice Chairman Rajb Mwenje, Teasurer Crispus Khamala, Secretary Hillary Lukhafwa, Ramadhan Barasa
[img src=]10Community Medical Health Nurse visit an informal school twice each month
[img src=]10Rondo Retreat Centre in March 2004 was the place where CES was created. With Michael Frederiksen is Richard Masindet (l) and Ben Udoto (r), founding members of CES Kenya.
[img src=]10CES Kenya Patron Malik Khaemba
[img src=]10CES Kenya Executive (from the left): Treasurer Crispus Khamala, Vice Chairman Rajab Mwenje, Chairman Ben Udoto, Patron Malik Khaemba
[img src=]10CES Kenya Chairman Ben Udoto (l) and Treasurer Crispus Khamala (r) with Navakholo SS Principal Hellen Kulundu (2008)
[img src=]10CES Kenya Patron Malik Khaemba (left) and Chairman Ben Udoto (right) at Rondo Retreat Centre, Kakamega (2010)
[img src=]10CES Kenya Executive at Sheywe Conference Centre, Headquarters of CES Kenya in Kakamega - (from left) Chrispus Khamala, Rajab Mwenje, Ben Udoto, Malik Khaemba
[img src=]10Principals Felistas Barasa (Namirama Girls SS) and Everlyne Shinali (St. Mary Goretti SS for Girls) with Prof.Dr. Asenath Sigot, ADC of Academic Affairs, MMUST at 5th Anniversary CES Kenya Celebration (2010)
[img src=]10Meeting at Navakholo SS with CES Kenya Board and Board Directors of Navakholo SS (2010)
[img src=]20CES Kenya Patron Malik Khaemba celebrates at the official opening of the well at Navakholo SS, July 2010
[img src=]10CES Kenya Director Livingstone Nyanje with Eshitari SS community members at the official dedication of the Eshitari Well Project, March 2010.
[img src=]10Elite Kenyan athlete Gilbert Kiptoo assists the first group of runners as they arrive to register for the Canada Day Run for Charity.
[img src=]10Checking final running lists for the CES Canada Day Run in Kakamega are CES canada Volunteers Vaughn and Karen Dahl with Sandy Guthrie to the far left.
[img src=]10Runners and athletes from 17 CES sponsored secondary schools arrive in the morning to register for the Canada Day 5km run. Their bibs were produced in Thunder Bay, thanks to the support of New Balance.
[img src=]10Elite Kenyan marathon runner Gilbert Kiptoo assists young runners with tips for training and running a race. Race coordinator Sandy Guthrie (far left) had previously set up a basic training program a month prior to the July 1 event.
[img src=]10Young runners from St Patrick's Ikonyero SS arrive on Canada Day ready to run
[img src=]10CES Kenya Directors Crispus Khamala, Ben Udoto and Ramadhan Barasa with John Guthrie, CES Canada Volunteer and assistant at the Canada Day Run in Kakamega.
[img src=]10CES Kenya Patron Malik Khaemba at the July 1, 2011 Canada Day Race for Charity
[img src=]10CES Canada Volunteers John and Sandy Guthrie along with Kenyan elite marathon runner Gilbert Kiptoo provide final instructions prior to the 5km race.
[img src=]10The sound of the horn...and 200 CES athletes are off on the first leg of the 5km CES Canada Run for Charity.
[img src=]10Canada Day Run 2011- CES Kenya youth run the Canada Day Run for Charity on the grounds of Masinde Muliro University in Kakamega. Here there is a sprint to the finish line.
[img src=]10The Winner - Barefoot runner places first and breaks the tape at the 5 km Canada Day Run for Charity
[img src=]10Giving every ounce of energy at the finish, this young female athlete looks like she is completing the 100 metre dash...very impressive.
[img src=]10The Pain of Running - A young athlete collapses from exhaustion after the run. Young volunteers from the Kenya Girl Guides attend to the needs of the runner.
[img src=]10Trained First Aid Providers are on hand to be called upon when needed. St John Ambulance Volunteers assist in the July 1 Canada Day Run for Charity at Masinde Muliro University in Kakamega.
[img src=]10After the Canada Day Run for Charity, runners regroup over a timely lunch provided by CES Kenya.
[img src=]10CES Canada Volunteers with the help of CES Kenya Board prepare for the awards ceremony
[img src=]10Medal Winner receives a medal award and a Kenyan handshake from CES Kenya Chairman Ben Udoto
[img src=]10ES Kenya Director Livingstone Nyanje receives an award from CES Canada Volunteer Karen Dahl for his role as Coordinator of Security for the Canada Day Run for Charity.
[img src=]10The Gold Medal winner of the girls was from St Mary Goretti Shikoti Girls School. CES Kenya Patron Malik Khaemba offers the top medal for the event.
[img src=]10The Gold Medal winner of the girls was from St Mary Goretti Shikoti Girls School. CES Kenya Patron Malik Khaemba offers the top medal for the event.
[img src=]20CES Canada Volunteer John Guthrie helps a young runner choose an award. CES Kenya's Livingstone Nyanje and Karen Dahl are in the background.
[img src=]20CES Canada Volunteer Karen Dahl honours CES Kenya Chairman with a unqiue Canadian native necklace from First Nations Thunder Bay.
[img src=]20CES Kenya Malik Khaemba receives a Canadian native necklace, a symbol of Canada's mighty polar bear. CES Canada volunteer Sandy Guthrie presents this gift at the Canada Day Run for Charity closing ceremony.

CES Canada

Since 2004 CES Canada Directors and a host of volunteers have been involved in fundraising and awareness events. Images describe highlights of Canadians working together for a humanitarian cause.

[img src=]350Secretary of Kenya High Commission to Canada in Ottawa Malik Khaemba with Michael Frederiksen October 2003
[img src=]160Ron Ward, Patron CES Canada
[img src=]130Malik Khaemba and Edith Atieno join Michael Frederiksen in Toronto to plan the first CES Canada fundraiser
[img src=]170CES Canada Board with HE Judith Bahemuka, Kenya High Commissioner to Canada (2008)
[img src=]150CES Canada Board with HE Judith Bahemuka, Kenya High Commissioner to Canada (2008)
[img src=]1202007-08 Project School in a Box - School Supplies in 20 Ton Container shipped to Kakamega
[img src=]140In 2007 Jennifer Castiglione and Julia DiPoce travelled to Kakamega as CES Canada Youth Volunteers. Jenn spends a day at Rondo Retreat Centre and is pictured here with CES Kenya Chairman Ben Udoto.
[img src=]140In 2007 Julia DiPoce and Jennifer Castiglione travelled to Kakamega as CES Canada Youth Volunteers. Julia is greeted by children at Musaga PS.
[img src=]120CES Canada runner John Guthrie and Kenyan marathoner meet September 2009 in Toronto. Many Canada-Kenya friendships have emerged as a result.
[img src=]110In 2008 Team CES Canada entered the STWM Charity Challenge for the first time
[img src=]120Salome Kagosha of the Kenya High Commission joins winners of the STWM 2010 - all Kenyan!
[img src=]140Nicole Nuk and Sarah Michalowicz meet HE Simon Nabukwesi, Kenya High Commissioner to Canada. Also Charles Mayenga (CES Director) and Veronica Juma
[img src=]150Custom Frameworks in Orillia showcases CES Canada Art Exhibit featuring the works of Teresa Harris, CES Artist in Residence
[img src=]110HE Simon Nabukwesi, Kenya High Commissioner to Canada and CES Canada Directors Catherine Gatere and Charles Mayenga share a good laugh
[img src=]100Teresa Harris, CES Canada Artist in Residence with friends at the Artist Showcase Reception at Horseshoe Valley, Ontario
[img src=]120Holy Name of Mary SS for Girls join Principal Ann McGee in raising awareness and funds for CES students orphaned by HIV/Aids
[img src=]110Over 100 pairs of running shoes and athletic footwear were collected at the 2011 Sporting Life Run. These were used at the 2011 Canada Day Run in Kakamega.
[img src=]100September 2009 - 22 runners from Thunder Bay join Team CES Canada at the STWM
[img src=]80Kenyan Joyce Kandie with Sarah and John Guthrie discuss strategies for the upcoming 2009 STWM marathon in Toronto
[img src=]90STWM 2009 - Resting at the Finish at Nathan Philip's Square in Toronto
[img src=]90Team CES canada at the 2008 STWM Charity Challenge
[img src=]100Diana Kuzmanovic, Alecia, Tiffany and Wayne Chen at the start of the 2009 STWM
[img src=]70The Kenyan Flag shines as do STWM 2009 participants at reception for Kenyan Athletes
[img src=]702010 STWM Kenyan runners Kenneth Mungara and Sharon Cherop win the men's and women's marathon race in Toronto
[img src=]70HE Simon Nabukwesi and CES Canada President in Ottawa at 2009 Jamhuri Day Celebrations
[img src=]60CES Canada and OPC Ontario Principals' Council at Fairmont Royal York Hotel - Reception for Visiting Kenyan Principals August 15, 2011
[img src=]80TDSB Chair of the Board Chris Bolton welcomes Kenyan Principals
[img src=]70Trustee Soo Wong with TDSB students at CES OPC Reception August 15, 2011
[img src=]60Rob Whetter, OPC Michael Frederiksen, CES Canada Leonard Wandili, CES Director Charles Mayenga, CES Director, Principal Cleophas Tirop (Kenya Principals Association
[img src=]60Principal KAHI ALFRED INDIMULI, Principal CHAVAKALI HIGH SCHOOL and OPC President Naeem Siddiq
[img src=]60Catherine Gatere (CES Director) and Lonah Mutoro (Secretary Kenya Principal's Assoc.) in the middle with TDSB, OCDSB and OPC Representatives
[img src=]50Reception sponsored by CES Canada and KCO through Brodie Osome (2010)
[img src=]60Sandy Guthrie (New Balance - Thunder Bay) with Kenyan friends Gilbert Ochieng and Samoei
[img src=]60John and Sandy Guthrie at Harambee Way, Horseshoe Valley at CES Canada Reception for returning volunteers.
[img src=]80Deanna O'Neill crossing the finish line 2010 STWM
[img src=]90CES Summer Appreciation Barbeque - attendees include Art Khaemba, Sabrina Chebeau, Zabde Ayienga and Malindi Ayienga
[img src=]60Miles Into Smiles - High Park Run sign promoting the Canada Day Run Project in Kakamega and the need for athletic footwear to be donated
[img src=]702011 Harry's Run at Toronto was an excellent source of running shoes for Kenya. CES volunteers Nicole Nuk and Art Khaemba collect donations at the run in High Park.

Teresa Harris Gallery

CES Canada Artist in Residence

Teresa’s art is created through a strong desire to combine her love for humanity and her passion to help others to become aware of third world issues. Using an easel and pastels she vividly expresses the dichotomy of pathos and hope for the poor and needy.  Her works appeal to those whose lifestyle and worldview demands justice and freedom for all people.


Eric Lafforgue

Photographer Eric Lafforgue has published an amazing collection of work from Kenya in this gallery.