News Alerts: Education in Kenya

News Alerts: Education in Kenya is a series of current events and strategic developments that alter the face of education in Kenya. Selected articles are designed to provide greater understanding and promote dialogue for those interested in teacher training, professional development, curriculum and program development and best practices in Kenyan education at the primary, secondary and post secondary levels of education.  Issues of justice, gender equity and equal opportunity for all students are highlighted in a variety of articles that relate to education. Topics include health, poverty and illiteracy and unique conditions needed to empower youth to fully explore education options in Kenya.

“It is our collective duty to build public awareness around the pressing issues surrounding HIV/Aids.  This awareness must lead to concrete and constructive action. All sectors of society, from across the political, community and corporate arenas, must join forces to promote justice and peace for all peoples of the world.  We stand for tolerance, justice and human rights, and hope that by taking action and leading by example, we can encourage other organizations to do the same.”

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