Kenya Rural Education

 “Transforming an Unacceptable Reality”

CES Canada (est2004) serves to alleviate acute poverty and mitigate the impact of HIV/Aids in a 2000 sqkm area of Western Kenya.  Project PREPARE – Project to Reduce Poverty and Provide Access to Rural Education impacts on twenty-two secondary school communities in the Kakamega District.  The four cornerstones of education, water, healthcare and nutrition provide focus for programs that support gender equity and women’s health.  Scholarships, school resources, clean water, health care and healthy meals have given hope to thousands of Kenyan youth orphaned by the Aids pandemic.

Better Learners … Brighter Futures


Scholarships,books, school uniform, career education, training in life skills, ICT, and healthy living give students a chance to earn the KCSE secondary school diploma. Building schools and science/computer lab classrooms raises the standard of education.

Safe Water

Well-drilling, boreholes and training in hygiene and sanitation frees up time for education instead of water collection. The spread of disease is reduced and student attendance improves.


Providing treated anti-malaria mosquito nets, access to medical clinics, de-worming medication, training in disease prevention and other health care programs such as WinS (Wash in Schools) and the PAD feminine hygiene support for girls.


Creating sustainable food supplies through agriculture, dairy and poultry farming and a daily school feeding program.