breathtaking beauty
surrounds a diverse people
living on the edge of survival
optimism stands tall

acacia tree sighs, baobob laughs
earth cries out for mercy
people suffer in silence
living on hope

early dawn a symphony of song
midday sun a burning flame
a minute defined as ‘wait and see’
defying all convention

Mt. Kenya, Garden of Eden
summit touches the southern cross
endangered lions, elephants, hippos
life goes on

Kenyans walk in all directions
poverty bleeds the nation
thorns dig deep, some fatal
‘asante sana’

Michael Frederiksen
July 2004

Under the Acacia Tree Music, 2004

KENYA was written as a result of an initial visit to Kenya in the winter of 2003-04.  The incredible beauty of Kenya along with the amazing resilience of its people  gave rise to the expression, “a diverse people living on the edge of survival.”

Michael Frederiksen